ready for duty


Only thing I’m certain of is they’re probably going to be dead soon enough, most rookies don’t make it the first couple months thank god

Well that’s certainly a negative way to look at things.  We really should be trying to make sure at least a majority of them survive.  Of course, a one hundred percent survival rate isn’t quite feasible, but seventy or eighty percent should probably suffice.


I don’t know, it’d probably be a lot nicer if the ship wasn’t so full of idiots, it used to be a lot less irritating when there weren’t a bunch of rookies running around. 

Oh come now, we all start somewhere.  Give everyone some time, and I’m more than certain they’ll grow up to be shining examples of agents, no?


Oh perish the thought, things would be so quiet around here if they did!

Not sure if you noticed or not, but it’s pretty fucking quiet around here already so

Well, hm, you do have a point there, but losing anyone additional would be just make things even worse, no?  Such a shame it’s so quiet on the by and by, regardless.

[Butch is a current senior psychology major with a focus in counseling psychology, and is also balancing a minor in vocal performance.  He also works as an RA in one of the freshman dorms, helping incoming kids get adjusted to campus.  His suite is filled with way too many plants.  When he’s not on duty or in class, he tends to lounge around outside all over campus instead of studying, and has made it his goal to be on the roof of every single building at least once before he graduates.]

agenthandlebar said: Florida, lad, if you require some aid I would be happy to be of assistance.

I’m just tickled that you would be so kind.  With all this talk of reviews, it’s not good to let one’s self get out of practice, y’hear me?

I’ve been just a bit sluggish on my feet lately, and that’s no good.  When you’re not busy with anything, care to meet out in the training arena?

Ah, hm.  I do feel as though I’ve fallen a bit out of step as of late, really have to keep up on keeping myself on track!  Would anyone be up to lending a helping hand?  I certainly need to get back to training, that’s for certain.

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agentwash said: eyy! florida! you’re back! how was the mission? if that’s where you were… let me guess…….. it was TOP SECRET

Not only top secret, but might I say it was absolutely top as well.  I think that’s the proper use of that term, at least.  Still, always good to be back home!  I do hope you’ve all had a wonderful last few days.

Ah yes, what a lovely morning.  Pardon the quiet, busy things to do after all!