ready for duty

Ah, hm.  I do feel as though I’ve fallen a bit out of step as of late, really have to keep up on keeping myself on track!  Would anyone be up to lending a helping hand?  I certainly need to get back to training, that’s for certain.

posted on Sep 15 at 7:01 with 1 note

agentwash said: eyy! florida! you’re back! how was the mission? if that’s where you were… let me guess…….. it was TOP SECRET

Not only top secret, but might I say it was absolutely top as well.  I think that’s the proper use of that term, at least.  Still, always good to be back home!  I do hope you’ve all had a wonderful last few days.

Ah yes, what a lovely morning.  Pardon the quiet, busy things to do after all!